2019 Hyundai Azera New Silver Design
2019 Hyundai Azera New Silver Design, image: pinterest.com

2019 Hyundai Azera Update, Price, and Release

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2019 Hyundai Azera Update, Price, and Release – It is good news for all car lovers, especially for Hyundai lovers. Hyundai has worked for a new project for the upcoming year. This new project will be a kind of mid-size vehicle. Hyundai will give such a fresh product with better shape. There are also many new features for this new car. It is New 2019 Hyundai Azera. This new car will have a better concept than the previous car. It may have some part revised but overall it is totally new. Then, Hyundai has also prepared the best and suitable engine for this new project. The interior design will also be interesting and classy. This will be awesome and successful.

New Black Hyundai Azera, image: motorauthority.com

2019 Hyundai Azera Engine and Features

The first thing that is necessary for Hyundai is providing the best engine performance for each product. This new car will also have better machine performance than its predecessors. Hyundai will offer new kind of machine for Hyundai Azera. This will be 3.3 L type of engine. It will perform actual automotive 293 hp plus 255 lb-ft of torque. Then, it will reach 60 miles per hour for its velocity. Although this is a kind of fast and stronger car, Hyundai has arranged this car to be economical fuel car. So, there is an injection for the fuel system. In addition, Hyundai puts Shiftronic handbook management for the engine. It will make this car affordable but still can present the best performance.

New Engine of Hyundai Azera, image: motortrend.com

2019 Hyundai Azera Exterior Concept

For the exterior concept, Hyundai will present the eye-catching model. The concept of the new exterior is sporty and muscular look for this new project. The design will be restyled from the previous model but it is much unique. Then, there is also cascading grille for this new car. In addition to that, this new car has a dashing front design. The proof is that Hyundai gets a new set of lightings. The lighting will use LED light. Then, there is also a regular fog light system too. The exterior of this New Hyundai Azera will also use better materials than the previous projects.

Rear Bumper of New Hyundai Azera, image: youtube.com

2019 Hyundai Azera Interior Look

For the interior design, Hyundai Azera offers many kinds of improvement. The cabin design of this new car is much more stylish than the previous cars. Plus, the cabin is wider and more spacious than its predecessors. This new project will also offer the best seating for both the driver and the passenger. It will be made of stitched leather. There are many special treats for the passengers. It is suitable for you who like to have a long journey by car. With this kind of material and design, the driver and the passengers will feel comfortable to have a long period trip.

Brown Leather Interior Design of Hyundai Azera, image: blog.caranddriver.com

2019 Hyundai Azera Release Date and Price

After you know all of the great feature and design of this new Hyundai Azera, you must be curious about the price. This new car will cost around $36.000. It is not expensive because we will get a high-quality car. However, we still need to wait until the beginning of 2019 since Hyundai will release it at that time. If you need another reference, you can also check the information about 2019 Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

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