2019 Honda Insight new model
2019 Honda Insight new model; image source: Autoevolution.com

2019 Honda Insight Latest News

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2019 Honda Insight Specs, Price and Release Date – Honda finally gives the new refresh-designed car for upcoming 2019. If you have seen the image of new 2019 Honda Insight, you may think that there is no something special about this car. It is true. The model of new Honda Insight will not have much improvement. Honda does not modify this car too much so it looks like the previous Honda Civic or Honda City. But still, Honda Insight can be your reference for simply designed car for 2019. With such good feature and interior also exterior design, this car is still recommended.

2019 Honda Insight side view
2019 Honda Insight exterior colors. image source: Autoevolution.com

2019 Honda Insight Specs

New Honda Insight intends to impress the car seekers with slightly fuel efficient system. It is an exciting fact that this car may be economic for you. This car has lately upgraded engine. It differs new Honda Insight from predecessors. This would have 1.0 L turbo-three which is matched 15 up to 20 horsepower electric motor. The final result may be close to 100 horsepower but 150 lb-ft of torque accompanies the car to give the best performance. This kind of new system will make us possible to control the front wheel via a CVT gearbox so the car will have a capacity of the north of 55 MPG on average.

2019 Honda Insight Back view; image source: Autoevolution.com

2019 Honda Insight Interior

For the interior, you should not expect too much. As the information in the beginning, Honda does not do the significant modification for this car. The interior design will look similar to Honda Civic. However, the new Honda Insight presents the cabin with wider and classier designed than the interior of Honda Civic. The white color of the interior makes it look fancy. For the material, it has no improvement but still, Honda uses the best quality for its interior. The most important innovation in this car is that it uses the instrument cluster that is installed on the center stack of this new car.

2019 Honda Insight interior image
2019 Honda Insight interior; image source: motortrend.com

2019 Honda Insight Exterior

New Honda Insight 2019 design will be based on the new Honda Civic. Yet, instead of being similar to the new Honda Civic, this Honda Insight will adapt the wheelbase and track of Honda City. Although it adapts some concepts of Honda Civic and Honda City, Honda Insight has taller and larger body than two previous cars. The car will have five doors for five passengers. It proves that this spacious car would be more comfortable for accommodating many people. For your information, it may disappoint you but the fact is that this new Honda Insight will use cheaper materials and have smaller brakes but still this car does not lose its elegance by presenting slim headlights.

2019 Honda Insight exterior colors
2019 Honda Insight side view; image source: Autoevolution.com

2019 Honda Insight Price and Release Date

It seems like all car seekers will look for this car soon. Although it has simple innovation, Honda Insight still gives the best performances in its class. For all of you who are waiting for this car, it would be available in early 2019. With such design and feature, the price of this car is not really expensive. You can get it by paying $20.000 only.

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