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2019 Ford Fusion Interior, Price and Release Date

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2019 Ford Fusion Interior, Price and Release Date –Do you love sedan cars? Do you know Ford? Do you need a family car? If you love sedan cars very much, we have good news for you. If you know Ford, this car brand will release a new product for you. If you look for a new family car, this new project from Ford can fulfill your need. At this time, there is a rumor spreading that Ford is going to launch a new mid-size sedan car. Although it is a mid-size car, you will have more space in this car. The name of this new project is New 2019 Ford Fusion. This car will offer a new stylish design with such incredible features. You will find the sophisticated engine types too.

2019 Ford Fusion interior model design

2019 Ford Fusion Machine Types

For the engine types, it can be said that Ford does not give you many options. However, this car brand promises that this new sedan will have better machine arrangement than the previous version. You will get a sedan car with 2.7 L turbocharged V6 type of machine. With such engine types, this new car can reach 325 hp with 380 lb-ft of torque. The engine will apply EcoBoost system so that it can protect the environment from such over emission. Then, it would be fuel economy too. Further, Ford Fusion has IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Security). With this feature, the car can have pedestrian-detection modern technology. Plus, you will find the upgraded collision avoidance or mitigation to superior level.

2019 Ford Fusion Body Shape

The exterior design of this new sedan will be interesting to discuss. The body shape of this sedan will be sharper than the other regular sedan cars. The style is also too catchy to ignore. You will be impressed with the front design of this new project too. It applies smaller and slimmer front grille. Then, you will find that this car has the latest model of front lighting. It will use LED running light. The taillight is also updated into the newest style. In addition to that, this car has big back chrome strip which makes it look super cool.

2019 Ford Fusion Cabin Space

The interior concept of this car is mesmerizing. Everyone will think that this sedan has the best interior design. The cabin of Ford Fusion is much spacious than the previous version. So, we can say that the driver and the passengers will have more space for their legs and head. Also, the seating will be very comfortable with leather-based seats. There are also more cup holders for you. For the features, you can get MyFord touchscreen with SYNC 3 touchscreen which is easier to operate. In addition to that, this car provides Apple CarPlay and Android Auto system.


2019 Ford Fusion Release Date and Price

At last, we will inform you that Ford has a plan to release this new sedan car in the end of 2018. However, the specific date is still hidden. For the price of the car, it would be around $42.000. It cannot be considered as an expensive car because the features and the engine arrangement of this car would be fantastic.

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