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2019 Ford Focus ST Specs, Price and Release Date

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2019 Ford Focus ST Specs, Price and Release Date – Everyone must know a car brand named Ford. This car brand is famous with its incredible cars. Lately, there is a rumor saying that Ford is going to launch a new project at the upcoming year. It would be the third generation of Ford Focus. So, the name of this new project is New 2019 Ford Focus ST. This is a kind of hatchback car. This compact car will offer many improvements and new design. Plus, it will present better engine arrangements than the previous version. It can be considered as one of the best cars in its class.

2019 Ford Focus ST Engine in Detail

For the engine, Ford Focus ST has been well-served. It has modern engine arrangement with better performance on the road. You can get two options of machine types. For the first type of machine, you can have a hatchback with 2.0 L four-cylinder type of engine. This type can reach the capacity of 160 hp. Then, the transmission will be 6-speed manual. For the second option, you can have a new car with 1.0 L three-cylinder turbocharged type of engine. This type applies EcoBoost system too. Then, it also uses 6-speed manual transmission. Further, you may have other options of transmission such as 6-speed dual clutch auto transmission.

2019 Ford Focus ST Exterior Concept

For the outside appearance, you may be impressed with the exterior design of this new car. So, we can say that you are able to easily fall in love with this car so fast. Ford Focus ST has amazing model. This hatchback will show you the sporty concept from the outside look. Then, you will find that it has rigid body shape so that it can deal with any crash. Also, you will see its fantastic 2-slat grille at the front. The material used for the exterior design of this hatchback will be the best and high-quality. For the head unit, it applies casual head unit with simple design.

2019 Ford Focus ST exterior model and colors

2019 Ford Focus ST Interior Space

For the inside look, you may be a little disappointed. Actually, the idea of the interior design is not bad but Ford Focus ST does not do many special changes for it. The cabin is much wider than the previous version of car so you have more space in this car. It would be great because you will also have more legroom and shoulder room. Then, the seating is also comfortable. You will get the best and high-quality seating. In addition to that, this modern hatchback also offers many upgraded features for you. It will be completed with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for you who are addicted to phone connectivity.

2019 Ford Focus ST Release Date and Price

With such amazing specs, you will not believe that this car is very cheap. It will cost only $18.000. You may believe it or not but it is true. Maybe, there are some additional costs for any upgrade. Then, you need to wait to get this car since Ford will release this new hatchback in early 2019.

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