2019 Ford Focus ST model

2019 Ford Focus ST Price and Release Date

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2019 Ford Focus ST Price and Release Date – A car brand named Ford is busy focusing on a new project now. There is a rumor that this car brand is going to release a new car at the upcoming year. So, it is no wonder that there is some news about this brand. The new project will be a variant of a hatchback car. This hatchback car is a new generation of Ford Focus. The new version will be New 2019 Ford Focus ST. Some improvements and modifications have done by this car brand. You will also have a great car with better engine performance. Plus, some features are updated into the newest version.

2019 Ford Focus ST New Engine Specs

The engine spec of this new car is going to be cool. You will get a fast hatchback with great engine arrangement. This car brand gives you two kinds of engine arrangement to choose. First, you will get a hatchback car with 2.0 L four-cylinder type of machine. With such machine, it is possible for this car to reach 160 hp. Then, it is supported with 6-speed manual transmission. Second, you are able to have a car with 1.0 L three-cylinder turbocharged type of machine. This machine also applies the EcoBoost system with 6-speed manual transmission. For the next generation, Ford has a plan to add the machine with 6-speed dual clutch auto transmission.

2019 Ford Focus ST concept

2019 Ford Focus ST New Body Shape

The new model of Ford Focus ST gives you a new body shape too. The physical appearance of this new car will make you impressed easily. This new hatchback has the concept to be a masculine and strong car. with such concept, you will see that the body structure is more rigid than before. It makes this car can stand the crash you may have. Plus, you will find that it is completed with 2-slat front grille. Plus, the exterior details are made of the best and high-quality materials only. The simple and minimalist style is also applied for the head unit.

2019 Ford Focus ST New Cabin Style

The new style of the cabin of this new hatchback is not as fantastic as its body shape. It may disappoint you but not much. The new Ford Focus ST wants to be a minimalist car inside so we may not see some changes. However, you are still able to see that it has a very spacious cabin. with such spacious cabin, the driver and the passengers are still comfortable. Plus, the seats are made of the best material so it can be special point for your comfort. For the features, you are able to get some updated features. For example, you will have the newest version of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

New 2019 Ford Focus ST model

2019 Ford Focus ST Price and Release Date

The price of this new hatchback car is quite cheap. With such great engine performance and nice details, this car will only cost $18.000. then, Ford will release this new car in the beginning of 2019.

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